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Are you more adept at passing on your skills and knowledge, do you like being able to give people a helping hand, do you think you would shine whilst teaching the next generation of therapists, then an educator role could be perfect for you.

Working in either a static location such as an academy or college, travelling around the country visiting salons to teach learners at their own place, grabbing the latest technology by the roots and teaching in a digital classroom, or even moving abroad and teaching in another country, being an educator you will be using the full range of skills you have learnt in your apprenticeship with the addition of a teaching qualification to give the apprentices of the future the outstanding start to their journey your received in yours.

Many educators keep their skills topped up by working part time as a beauty therapist when they aren’t teaching, and many employers are more than happy to accommodate that as well as helping their educators develop their own skills with professional development days and events.

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