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Education for Nail Technicians

How to become a Nail Technician

Looking to start a career as a Nail Technician? Whether this is a first step or a career change we have all the useful information you need to start your journey to careers excellence.
Nail Technicians perform nail enhancements which reflect current trends in the industry. Those looking to become a Nail Technician must be creative, have a knowledge of the products used and work safely – our competition is the perfect environment to test these skills. The ability to work well with your hands, excellent verbal communication skills.
The individual will need to do basic treatments such as manicures and pedicures, repair and remove false nails. They also look for any signs of skin and nail problems before they treat their client.

Young Beautician

Education for Nail Technicians
Program: 5 Modules
Price: £1000

  • BeautyGuild GTi Accredited

  • Basic Nail Technicians Training Courses

  • Suitable for Beginners and Professionals

  • Program 5 Modules (Theory and Practice):

  • NB1-MNC - Basic Manicure

  • ​NB2-PDC - Basic Pedicure

  • ​NB3-EFL - Basic E-Filing

  • ​NB4-GPL - Basic Gel Polish

  • NB5-GNE - Basic Gel Nail Extensions

  • Program Price: £1000

  • Registration Fee: £100

  • Program Duration: 4 weeks / 1 month

  • Special Discounts for Academy Students

  • Award NBA-GTi BeautyGuild Accredited Qualification Certificates

Basic Nails Program

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