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Education for Professionals

How to become a Teacher

Teaching Qualifications will enable you to develop your career by entering the exciting world of teaching. An excellent follow-on for those who have completed Qualifications within Beauty Therapy to develop your earning potential. This could be as a trainer in the private training sector, teacher in further education or establish you own beauty school.

There is a huge demand for training in the professional beauty industry which is why for so many therapists, the next step in their career is into the training area. Treatment trends come and go, but the demand for training remains constant. Working as a therapist or a nail technician in a salon or in your own business gives you years of valuable experience. You can put this experience to use by training the next generation of beauty professionals. Targeted at beauty therapists, holistic therapists and nail technicians who are new to teaching.

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Education for Professionals
Basic Teaching Program
Price: £2000
Duration: 4 Weeks


  • Course Delivery:
  • This course is delivered online and you will be tested on each module with a set of multiple choice questions. Once the theory has been completed and passed, you will need to submit your lesson plan for the micro teach session and also submit a video of you delivering the micro teach session which should be no longer than 15 minutes.

  • This course can usually be completed within one week however we do not have a time constraint as you have a full year to complete this. We recommend approximately 40 hours of studying and delivery of your micro teach session.

  • Course Content:

  • Students are required read the course manual and complete the theory modules. Other tasks include producing a 15 minute lesson plan and filming a 15 minute video of the micro teach delivery.

  • This will also need to be submitted through your account.

Teaching Program

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