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Education for Therapists

How to become a Beauty Therapist

Looking to start a career in beauty therapy? Whether this is a first step or a career change we have all the useful information you need to start your journey to become a beauty therapist.
A beauty therapy practitioner is an advanced specialist in face and body treatments, makeup and skincare advice. Competitors looking to become a beauty therapist carry out a range of treatments which reflect both current and traditional beauty therapy practices. The individual will need the ability to remain calm in stressful situation have good persuasion and negotiation skills. A typical day as a beauty consultant is giving customers makeovers, meeting sales targets by recommending products to suit each customer, monitoring stock levels and re-ordering items by keeping records up to date.

Hair Salon Wash

Education for Therapists
Program: 8 Modules
Module Price: £300

  • ABT Accredited

  • Hair Therapy Training Courses

  • Suitable for Beginners and Professionals

  • Program 8 Modules (Theory and Practice):​

  • HT1-KRT - Keratin Hair Treatment

  • HT2-ERT - EMME Rebonding Treatment

  • HT3-ELT - EMME Laminex Treatment

  • HT4-EOT - EMME Ozone Treatment

  • HT5-EBT - EMME Botox Treatment

  • HT6-LCT - Luxury Caviar Therapy

  • HT7-LPT - Luxury Plasma Therapy

  • HT8-LST - Luxury Sublime Therapy

  • Each Module Price: £300

  • Registration Fee: £25

  • Module Duration: 1 Day

  • Special Discounts for Academy Students

  • Award NBA-ABT Accredited Qualification Certificate

Hair Treatment Program

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