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Basic E-Filing

The GTi E-Filing course covers the many techniques that E-Files can be used for. The course also offer a guide to the benefits of E-Filing, the equipment needed and relevant safety and maintenance information.


More about the course:
Module List
  • Introduction, Reception and Consultation

  • Safety and Maintenance

  • Technique

  • Practical

Entry Requirements:

GTi Professional Standards for Therapists;

GTi Basic Manicure or Basic Pedicure qualification.

CPD Points:


Qualification Obtained:

GTi Award


Enrolment details:

Once you have booked your training course and paid the enrolment, theory and practical training fee, you will be able complete the theory modules for the course right away. Once you have completed the theory modules, a practical session will be displayed on the final module which you can pass on  to your chosen Training Centre. When you have successfully completed your practical training, your tutor will pass you and a GTi Certificate will be available for you to download.

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